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The Investigator

A dormant beast awakens to an unfamiliar world. It uses the investigator to search for answers. It reaches out. An excerpt from James S.A. Corey's Cibola Burn


Directed by Logan Himango

Music by Max Duggan

Animation by Logan Himango

Sound Design by Logan Himango and Max Duggan

The Investigator was a personal project of mine. Centered on an excerpt from Cibola Burn of The Expanse series of sci-fi novels, the short is a colorful display of transitions through an abstracted narrative.

I (right) teamed up with my talented friend Max Duggan (left), who composed an original musical score to bring the film to life. 

The Investigator won Best Animated Film at DePaul University's 14th annual Premiere Film Festival in 2019. Premiere is held in Chicago's historic Music Box Theater each year.

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