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Logan watching Hominidae at the cast & crew premiere of the film.


Directing, design, Motion

Abiosis is a product of my senior year at DePaul University's animation program. This short animated film was created entirely in Adobe After Effects and Photoshop.

directing, design, Motion

Centered on an excerpt from Cibola Burn of The Expanse series of sci-fi novels, The Investigator is a colorful display of transitions through an abstracted narrative.

Puppet Character Animation

A looping animation featuring Ahsoka Tano from Star Wars. Over 3 million views on Youtube. 2.5D animation using Adobe After Effects + Duik.

motion only

A custom, short firework logo reveal animation for an undisclosed client. Created in Adobe After Effects with no plugins.

Brand design, motion


Premiere is the annual student film festival hosted by DePaul University’s School of Cinematic Arts. Brand identity designed and animated using Blender and Adobe After Effects.

LEAD 3d Character Animation

Hominidae is a CG animated virtual reality film based on the critically acclaimed animated short film Hominid. Hominidae premiered at Cannes XR and Sundance. 

design, animation

The Chonk Pack is a collection of animated stickers for social media. This promotion for Motion504 was created using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

Ideation only

This Kohl's Cash ad was created by the team at Motion504, based on my cash-origami concept.

rough animation, backgrounds


This Quit Partner ad was created by the team at Motion504. Adobe Photoshop was used both for editing/extending photo backgrounds, and for rough character animation with the Animdessin2 plugin.

3d Character Animation

Dough Joe is a short film produced by Motion504, directed by Derek Loftis. 3D character animation using Cinema4D.

design, animation

A personal project designed to explore character motifs and 2.5D character rigging using Duik in Adobe After Effects.

design, motion

An animated studio logo for Wry Mash Media. Illustrated using Adobe Photoshop and animated in After Effects

design, motion

Reflections of Mini Metro is an expended look at the soundtrack of Mini Metro, a relaxing video game. Album artwork illustrated and animated in Illustrator and After Effects.

3D modeling, rigging, animation

An animation test for a conceptual short 3D animated film.

Compositing, Motion

A series of animated paintings for the VSI 40th Anniversary. Cut in Photoshop and animated using After Effects.

design, motion


An explainer video for Everyday Canvassing, a nonprofit organization that connects residents of Maryland with local nonprofits and government services that can help them and foster personal connections between residents and representatives.

Design, Motion

A series of animated banners for Soleil Media's client, 11:Eleven Partners.

design, animation

Generation Success is an initiative at DePaul University aimed at supporting those who are first in their families to attend college in the U.S. The launch of this campaign included posters, stickers and motion graphics. Created using Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.

design, Motion

A few conceptual animations for Northern Soda Company. These were created for DePaul's Hybrid Animation course, and include a variety of animation techniques, including 3D animation, stop-motion, hand-drawn animation, and motion graphics.







Hello there

I'm an animator, motion graphics artist, graphic designer and illustrator from Saint Paul, Minnesota. Currently a Motion Designer at Greyduck Creative, my passion for design in motion has led me to the world of commercial media and advertising. 

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<- Me watching Hominidae at the cast & crew premiere.

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